Thoughts on weathering the storm with mindfulness

15th April 2020

Stress Hormones shut down the immune system when the body is in the adrenal-driven state of fight or flight and with higher than usual raised levels of anxiety and stress due to the spread of COVID-19, it is important to do all we can to reduce stress levels and stay calm and healthy and reduce the fear of what we cannot control at this time and make choices that we can control and treat ourselves and others with love and compassion. This lockdown is making me focus more on the things that really help me stay calm and reduce fear and  I would like to share some ideas that might help you too. 

My daily smoothie is delicious and nutritious ingredients to help me stay healthy and I make them as part of my daily mindfulness practice. As I chop the veg/fruit for the smoothie I do so mindfully.  I am grateful for having this food to eat and to the people who grow the fruit and veg and those who deliver it to my house. God bless Riverford Organics!!

My daily practice Mindfulness practice along with daily exercise and healthy food helps to boost my immune system and keep me calm.  I do online yoga every day. I read books, watch TV, dance in the kitchen, talk with friends/family online and get a good night's sleep. 

I practice being kind to myself and am grateful for what I have and keep a daily gratitude journal.  

Take time for mindfulness meditation.  Take time to cook healthy and nutritious food and do it mindfully and with love and have gratitude to all the people who have helped to get the food on your plate. Practice affirmations each day… 'I am well and healthy and happy'... 'I am strong and full of energy and vitality'  or whatever words feel right for you and finally when you exercise on your daily walks practice mindful walking take notice of the body, the breath, the trees and the flowers and the blue sky, breathe and be.