Clare worked with over fifteen of my staff and my Y5 and 6 pupils on two 8 week programmes. She also presented at a Head’s Wellbeing conference. She is a fantastic provider and delivered highly motivating and extremely well received sessions which were enjoyed by all and have proved to be life changing for a number ! 
I would recommend anyone with an interest in the wellbeing of their children, staff and colleagues to invite Clare to work with them, she is inspirational! 
Steve Rees, Headteacher, Evenlode Primary School, Penarth
Clare McRobbie delivered the 8-week .b Foundations Mindfulness course to some of our staff last summer term. We looked forward to her visit each week and learned many important life skills that really have no age boundary. We learned how to calm our minds, to be more positive and grateful and the importance of savouring 'the now'. Amidst the fast pace of school life, these have proved such important skills in being able to maintain perspective and balance.
She also taught the Youth Mindfulness Kids Programme to the pupils in Year 5 and they enjoyed the difference activites, and week-by-week, they gained greater self-awareness, self-control and insight. I sincerely hope the lessons they have learned stay with them as they move towards such uncertain futures.
I would highly recommend working with Clare and the benefits of teaching mindfulness in our school currciculum.
Sue Prosser, Headteacher, Llansannor & Llanharry CiW Primary School, Vale of Glamorgan
I completed the .b Foundations mindfulness training with Clare McRobbie, alongside a number of colleagues at my school. I found the sessions very beneficial and they really made me think about how to be mindful in everyday situations. I particularly enjoyed taking part in practical activities and trying out different techniques and approaches. Clare is very passionate about mindfulness and has a professional and approachable manner. Her advice and guidance has enabled us to widen the approach. One member of staff has trained in teaching the Paws b curriculum so that some of our children are now accessing mindfulness sessions and we plan to increase this across the school. I would certainly recommend these sessions to other schools.
Mrs S Marsh, Headteacher, Herbert Thompson Primary School, Cardiff
Claire introduced Mindfulness to Thornhill Primary School staff over a period of eight weeks. The sessions were so useful and helped us to consider the importance of paying attention and being 'in the moment'. Each of her lessons were calming and supportive and the staff looked forward to that time which they had set aside for their practice.  Since engaging with Claire one of our staff members has trained to deliver Mindfulness in the classroom and we have a highly successful mindfulness club.  Definitely positive for our children! I would recommend that all staff take time out to try these sessions  - Claire will really look after you!
E. Berry, Deputy Head Teacher, Thornhill Primary School, Cardiff